We will SOAR through the STAAR!

"Together we can make it"


Dear Memorial Middle School Family,

Memorial Middle School takes pride in educating every student.  I am confident that Memorial Middle School students and staff will continue to meet not only the District’s standards, but the federal and state expectations as well.  We acknowledge that without your support these achievements would be much more difficult to attain.

DROP OFF & PICK UP: One way to continue to keep students safe is to use the student drop off and pick up zones on the west end of the school.  Parents are required to continue to drop off and pick up their children in the back (WEST SIDE) of the school – Lane Street entrance (please see attached map).  Marcella Street is not a drop off or pick up zone, as it is a very high speed, high traffic area that poses dangerous risks for your children.  Please be proactive parents and assist with our safety mission by using the drop off and pick up zone located in the rear (west side) of the school. 

BREAKFAST : We will continue our “Breakfast in the Classroom” program.  Every student at Memorial will receive a healthy breakfast in their first period class (before instruction begins).  It will be available in every classroom starting on the first day of school by 7:45 am, and will end by 8:05 am. Please be sure that your children are on time to school so they may enjoy their free breakfast.

MORNING BELL: It is an expectation that all students arrive early to enjoy their breakfast and be ready for class.  The warning bell rings at 7:55am and all students should be on school grounds by 7:55 am.  We will not tolerate tardiness.  For safety reasons, any student arriving late will be stopped at the entrance by security and will be screened and possibly searched. 

DRESS CODE:  Students can wear khaki, black or navy bottoms – no blue jean/denim material.  Tops can only be red, white, or blue shirts with a collar and buttons.  Please send your children to school with the proper attire on a daily basis.  Every morning our staff will conduct dress code sweeps and all students not in dress code will be sent to the office to call home for a change of clothes. 

In closing, I am very proud to be serving as the principal of Memorial Middle School and will continue working together with the staff and students to enhance teaching and learning.  Our faculty and staff work very hard to prepare for all STAAR exams. With your help, our teachers and staff will strive to make this school year meaningful and fulfilling for your child.  GO EAGLES!

Yours in Education,

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