LISD launches new website,  app

The Laredo Independent School District is thrilled to launch a new app for smartphones and a redesigned mobile-friendly website. The new app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, by searching for Laredo Independent School District. Along with the release of the new app, the district is also debuting its new and improved website.

LISD began working with Apptegy, an education technology company earlier this year to begin designing and building the school district’s new website and mobile app. Apptegy focuses on improving the accessibility of school information on the quickly changing forms of technology. 

While the school district has had a website for many years, it has never had a mobile app.

“We understand the importance of communication from the school district. The new app and redesigned mobile-friendly website will provide a better online experience for everyone,” said Dr. Sylvia Rios, LISD Superintendent. “We’re very excited about how the new app and website will improve the school district’s ability to keep connected with students, families and the community, and provide them with the latest news and information about what’s happening in our schools.”

“Along with a new app and website, the school district is also receiving a new communication tool to help keep parents and the community informed,” said Veronica Castillon, LISD Executive Director of Communications. “We’re able to make one post and share it multiple ways, including on the district’s social media, live feed page on the app and website, app push notification, text message and if needed, an automated phone call simultaneously.”

The app isn’t just limited to those with students in the district. Anyone in the community can download the app or visit the new website to get the latest news and information about the school district.

The new app and website will be used not just for announcements and important notifications, but also to showcase the hard work of our students and staff.

“The app allows users to choose from a list of settings, including the individual school or schools from which they want, and they can even receive push notifications from the district, any of the individual schools and even athletics,” said Ambrose Gomez, LISD Executive Director of Technology. “Building administrators will be able to immediately share news, send out alerts and keep families informed through the new app and the redesigned website.”

The new app can be downloaded through Android and Apple Play store by searching Laredo ISD.